Outdoor Event Flooring in Miami, Florida

When planning an event in Miami, it only makes sense to choose an outdoor location to take advantage of the weather. Just make sure to use temporary event flooring to make sure all your attendees and vendors can enjoy the occasion in style.

SEF Technology supplies outdoor flooring for Miami events such as concerts, festivals, corporate parties, and more. Options range from simple plastic field covers and rugged mats to upscale wood flooring and acrylic pool covers.

To find out more about outdoor event flooring in Miami, FL, please call 301-684-7018 or contact us online.

Customizable Outdoor Event Flooring in Miami

We can cover a pro football field, a strip of beach, or even soft ground near the Everglades. Our Miami event flooring can be customized for any outdoor venue to provide the form and function you have in mind.

SEF Technology works with our clients to develop a site-specific and event-specific solution for outdoor flooring in Miami:

Why Use Outdoor Event Flooring in Miami?

Staging an outdoor event can be just as easy as setting up inside a convention center—if you have a flat, solid ground upon which to build. In Miami, the frequent rainfall and low elevation make it important that you rent a temporary flooring system for virtually any outdoor location.

Turf protection and event floors create a clean foundation that makes it easier to set up tables, booths, audio/video equipment, and stages. You won’t have to worry about delivery vans driving on prohibited areas of grass or leaving track marks on an athletic field.

For your guests, our Miami outdoor event floors make the venue more comfortable. They can wear high heels or flip-flops without a problem, or even sit down to enjoy a concert without needing a blanket.

We also recommend renting outdoor event flooring in Miami as an affordable, easy way to personalize the event decor. With various colors and materials available, you can get the look you want in the type of portable flooring you need.

Pro Installation of Outdoor Event Flooring in Miami

SEF Technology has years of experience producing high-profile events for organizations such as Art Basel Miami, Jeep®, SiriusXM®, the PGA/LPGA, and more.

When you partner with us for outdoor event flooring in South Florida, you have experts in event logistics and portable flooring installation taking care of everything! We’ll set up and take down your event floors with a team of certified pros to keep things moving right on schedule.

Free Estimate for Miami Outdoor Event Floors

Speak with our associates today to get a quote and start planning. We can be reached at 301-684-7018, or you can request an estimate online for outdoor event flooring in Miami, FL.

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