Pool Floor Cover Rentals

Swimming pools can be the stunning centerpiece of an event, even if no one will be swimming. Pool floor covers create a dramatic look and perfectly functional floor for dancing, dining, wedding ceremonies, corporate events, concerts, or wherever your imagination takes you. With a clear floor, your guests can dance and party with the unique backdrop of an illuminated pool right below their feet.

At Special Event Flooring Technology, our pool floor cover rental services are backed by cutting-edge technology and engineering. Perfectly safe and secure, these pool floor covers can be designed to handle small or large pools of any shape.

SEF Technology designs and installs rental pool floor covers in the Washington, DC area and throughout much of the country. Whether you want to cover a large resort pool in Fort Lauderdale or residential pools in Cleveland, SEF Technology has the right pool cover rental for your space.

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Pool Floor Covers Rentals: A Marvel of Engineering

Any in-ground pool can be turned into a dance floor or event space with our incredible pool floor covers. First, a structurally sound base lays over the pool, with careful planning and engineering to support the weight of people and furniture with complete safety and stability. On top of this truss system, you can then have virtually any type of flooring you want.

Pool floor covers can be designed for full coverage or a partial floor, such as a walkway or runway. We have installed pool covers over swimming pools of all sizes, and our team is careful to handle installation and take-down without disturbing the property.

Planning a poolside event in Fort Lauderdale or fashion show in New York City? SEF Technology can provide pool covers for your next event. Contact us online to get started with a free estimate!

Layout and Material Options for Pool Covers

Our pool floor systems are customizable and expandable. This allows us to create exactly the shape and style that you have in mind. The flooring can create a fashion runway or a walkway for your event’s VIP members. Large square footage or unusual shapes are handled easily by the versatile design.

For the flooring, many people opt for clear acrylic flooring so that you can see the swimming pool and enjoy underwater lighting. Hardwood, carpet, and other flooring types are also available, so you can get the right aesthetic and even hide the pool completely if desired.

Pool Floor Cover Rental & Installation for Events

SEF Technology operates in Washington, DC, and we serve events up and down the East Coast and all the way west to Texas. Whether you need a small design or an elaborate pool cover and tent for a rooftop party, we have you covered.

Our design and installation team works with you and your event planners to coordinate schedules and get everything done on time and on budget. As part of our commitment to excellent customer service, we are always there to answer your questions and get everything right, down to the smallest details, from start to finish.

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