Pool Floor Cover Installation & Rentals in Houston, Texas

Event flooring can turn an everyday location into a once-in-a-lifetime backdrop for special occasions in Houston. Swimming pool floor covers are a shining example. Special Event Flooring Technology creates dramatic and stylish pool covers for events in Houston that put your event over the top!

We have the technical expertise and eye for design that it takes to build the perfect pool floor cover for an important event in Houston.  Together, we can create the perfect photo-op and a safe, solid floor for dancing or other activities.

To learn more about the design and installation process, contact SEF Technology online and get a free estimate for pool floor cover installation or rental in Houston, TX.

Pool Floor Covers: An Elegant Touch for Houston Events

In Houston, you’ll often find a pool at hotel venues, downtown rooftop restaurants, and large event venues throughout the area. SEF Technology can install a pool truss and floor cover for any size of swimming pool.

Your Houston event guests can enjoy a brilliant lit-up pool that elevates the atmosphere of the event. And the event organizers don’t have to worry about people or equipment falling into the pool accidentally!

SEF Technology installs pool floor covers in Houston by experienced event pros. We lay the groundwork with masterfully engineered support bars, then overlay the best event flooring in Houston. The result is a delightful addition to your event decor and a temporary floor capable of supporting people, dining tables, and more.

Benefits of Pool Floor Covers in Houston, TX

For many occasions, covering a pool for an event in Houston is a matter of practicality. After all, nobody wants to take a dive in a suit and tie. It’s also an opportunity to take advantage of your location’s most attractive features and enjoy all the square footage possible.

SEF Technology takes care of the design and engineering, then delivers the look and performance you want from our Houston pool floor covers. Benefits include:

  • Customized, adjustable dimensions for any pool
  • Suitable even for irregularly shaped pools
  • Safe for the pool deck; no damage to the venue
  • Clear acrylic flooring for a dazzling effect at night
  • Also available with other pool floor options, including hardwood

Renting a Pool Floor Cover in Houston

As a national leader in event flooring, SEF Technology has the professional experience you need from a pool floor cover installer. Our staff will ensure you get the right pool cover for your location, and our Houston event flooring team will install and test it for complete stability.

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional service. From design to delivery to installation and removal, we’re with you every step of the way for your Houston pool floor cover rental.

Request a FREE estimate online to ask about swimming pool covers and event flooring in Houston, TX.

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