Trade Show Flooring in Houston, TX

Trade show flooring can look a little bland, which is not what you want when you’re trying to turn a convention hall or outdoor venue into something a little more professional and stylish. Here at SEF Technology, we rent out trade show flooring that can spruce up your trade show.

We even have certified installers that will properly install your temporary flooring safely and securely before your exhibitors arrive to begin setting up. Let us set the foundation for your biggest event of the year, whether you need trade show booth floors, concert stage flooring or arena flooring, to name a few of our temporary flooring products.

If you need trade show flooring in Houston, TX, then contact us at SEF Technology for a free estimate by visiting us online or by calling 301-684-7018 today.

Do You Need Temporary Flooring for Your Trade Show?

Even if you’ve managed to find and secure the ideal venue for your event, you should strongly consider installing temporary flooring. When a temporary floor is properly installed, it can help prevent damage to the original floors, provide more comfort to your guests, and add to the visual appeal of your location, thereby making the event even more memorable.

Here at SEF Technology, we carry a large inventory of portable flooring options for trade shows in Houston, TX. This means that you can have a temporary floor installed that’s customized in a number of ways. For example, you can choose a custom color scheme or even use our portable flooring to separate distinct areas throughout your event space, thereby making it easier for attendees to navigate.

Portable Trade Show Flooring in Houston, TX

Our SEF Technology team works closely with each and every one of our clients to develop custom trade show flooring solutions that fit their specific needs. We can do everything from creating visually appealing areas for different booths and exhibitors to covering entire convention centers. The following are just a few of our most popular trade show flooring options:

  • Arena floor covers
  • Brumark trade show covering
  • Interlocking tile floors
  • Outdoor event flooring
  • Portable carpet
  • Portable hardwood flooring
  • Swisstrax flooring for auto shows
  • Tent flooring

Houston Trade Show Flooring Rental & Installation

Setting up a trade show can be quite a hectic experience for promoters and event organizers as they deal with the needs of countless vendors. We can help you get started on a strong note by providing expert advice on your trade show flooring.

Not only can we design the aesthetics and have your flooring delivered and installed on time by our professional installation team, but we can also provide other rentals for your event, such as lighting and decor.

We have worked with many different organizations, including regional, national, and international clients, from Art Basel to the NJPAC. If you want the highest-quality, most stylish tradeshow event you can get, then we can deliver it here at SEF Technology.

Although our headquarters are in Washington, DC, we operate throughout the east coast and all the way out to Dallas. If you’re organizing a trade show in Houston, TX, then be sure to contact us at SEF Technology to discuss your flooring needs by visiting us online or by calling 301-684-7018 today.

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