Event Flooring & Turf Protection for Baseball Fields

Plan on using a baseball field for something other than the national pastime? SEF Technology has grass and turf covers for ground protection plus a wide range of temporary event flooring to build your own personalized field of dreams. As event flooring experts, we know how to ensure the safety of the field, the comfort of your guests, and the solid ground you need for the event.

Talk to SEF Technology about your upcoming event, and we’ll come up with a solution that meets your budget and preferences. From simple rolling field covers to professional quality dance floors and stages, we can help you throw a perfect event.

For a free estimate and more info about our baseball field flooring rental and installation services, call 301-684-7018 or contact us online now!

Turf Protection for Baseball Fields and Sports Stadiums

Whether it’s natural grass or synthetic turf, a baseball field needs to be protected. Events and concerts bring in tons of different footwear, beverages, chair and table legs, and other sources of damage. After the event, you’ll be thankful that you used proper turf protection so that you don’t face the headache of paying for the grounds crew to repair the turf!

Our baseball field turf protection solutions include breathable or impermeable options. The SEF Technology can help you choose the right rental products depending on the length of the event and other factors.

Event Flooring Rentals for Baseball Field Venues

SEF Technology can help your event organizing team create the foundation you need for stability, safety, and comfort.

  • Grass protection or turf protection
  • Solid ground for concert staging or A/V equipment
  • Dance floors and event flooring for dining tables
  • Event flooring for exhibitor booths, trade show displays
  • Driveable flooring for event setup, trucks, golf carts, and other vehicles
  • Premium flooring to cover a baseball field with hardwood, carpet, plastic mats, and many more options!

Full-Service Rental and Installation of Baseball Field Covers

You’re in good hands with SEF Technology. Our team has helped design and set up flooring at major events for professional sports, universities, government entities, and major brands. Let us be the expert help you need to transform a baseball stadium into a memorable, unique venue.

Your field cover rental from SEF Technology can include all the help you need, including delivery, installation, and pick-up. Our team can also arrange for other event rentals including chairs, tables, scaffolding, electric supply, and more.

Free Quotes for Baseball Field Flooring

Our diverse inventory of flooring products gives you many choices to suit your budget and the scope of the event. Consult with our event specialists to get the field cover you need, and we’ll knock it out of the park.

Call us at SEF Technology at 301-684-7018 or request a free estimate for baseball field flooring, including grass protection, mesh covers, mat covers, and stylish event flooring.

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