Turf Protection in Charlotte, NC

Grass and turf need special protection when you’re throwing an outdoor event in Charlotte. SEF Technology rents and installs turf protection so your crowd of guests and event equipment won’t tear up the ground or leave behind brown spots. In options ranging from simple plastic mats to full stadium field covers and more, we have your answer for turf protection in Charlotte.

We offer free estimates for event flooring, so contact us now or call 301-684-7018 to ask about Charlotte, NC turf protection rentals today.

Do I Need Turf Protection for My Event?

If your event will use the venue in a different way than it normally does—such as tables and chairs, more foot traffic than usual, or a non-sporting event on a baseball or football field—than you definitely an appropriate ground cover.

Turf protection is always a good idea to avoid damage. It also helps by giving your guests flat ground that’s comfortable no matter what kind of shoes they are wearing.

Special events on grass can leave behind divots and holes from shoes and furniture legs if you aren’t using a turf protection mats. Spilled drinks and other accidents might also kill the grass in spots, leaving an unsightly venue that angers the owner.

If you aren’t sure, simply contact us to describe your event and the location, and SEF Technology will be happy to recommend the best type of turf protection in Charlotte.

Charlotte Turf Protection for Events and Concerts

With high-quality event flooring installed by the experts, you can confidently plan your outdoor event. Our solutions for turf protection in Charlotte can eliminate the worries over soft, muddy ground ruining a special occasion. Your guests will enjoy a comfortable location, and your venue will look the same after the event as before it started.

SEF Technology has a variety of Matrax turf protection mats and other professional-grade outdoor flooring systems for any need:

  • Turf protection and outdoor flooring for athletic fields, parks, and other Charlotte rental venues
  • Grass protection mats that allow natural grass to breathe and thrive while covered for ongoing events
  • Synthetic turf protection for football stadiums, soccer fields, and other areas with AstroTurf-style grounds
  • Driveable flooring for safe vehicle access over grass, sand, mud, etc.

Free Estimate for Turf Protection in Charlotte, NC

We love to help our clients plan, design, and fulfill a wonderful event setup. We start the process with a free estimate for Charlotte turf protection or event flooring rental. Our associates will manage the logistics and communicate with you at every step.

Contact us online or call us at 301-684-7018 to get your free estimate for turf protection rental and installation in Charlotte.

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