Turf Protection in Cincinnati, Ohio

How do pro baseball stadiums host rock concerts just days before the team takes the field? Turf protection flooring systems allow you to host any kind of event in Cincinnati on grass or synthetic turf. Your guests enjoy a solid, flat ground and the venue stays protected from dead grass and damage.

Special Event Flooring Technology provides rental and installation for turf protection in Cincinnati, OH. Whether you’re hosting a concert at Paul Brown Stadium or a festival at the Ault Park Pavilion, we have you covered for event flooring with turf protection in Cincy.

Event planners and venue managers can partner with SEF Technology for high-quality outdoor event flooring with professional installation.

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Turf Protection & Temporary Ground Covers in Cincinnati

If you’re hosting an outdoor event in Cincinnati, turf protection can pull double duty—saving the venue from damage and protecting your guests from dirt and grass stains.

Cincinnati has a variety of wonderful venues along the Ohio River, as well as many football, baseball, and soccer stadiums. All of these can benefit from turf protection mats and other event flooring from SEF Technology.

Wondering when you need to use turf protection for events? Cincinnati event organizers can use our Matrax portable flooring and other solutions in several ways:

  • Cover an athletic field or another grass venue for a concert, trade show, or festival
  • Protect synthetic turf at football or soccer stadiums from foot traffic, rips and tears, and stains
  • Provide flat ground over fields with inclines or soft, muddy spots
  • Save outdoor venues from damage from event equipment like tables, signage, and amplifiers
  • Build a temporary roadway for delivery trucks or other vehicles

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Cincinnati Event Flooring with Turf Protection

SEF Technology can help you design a customized solution for your Cincinnati event flooring needs. Turf protection is often the first and most important layer of portable outdoor event flooring in Southwest Ohio.

Our staff can support your event planning team in selecting the best turf protection flooring in Cincinnati for your particular venue and event type. Popular options include:

  • Matrax flooringTough, dependable plastic matting system for stadium flooring and more
  • BilJax flooring: Concert flooring, tent flooring, and staging
  • Real grass protection: Event flooring that allows natural grass to breathe and avoid brown spots
  • Synthetic turf protectionRollable ground covers as well as interlocking mats to prevent stains and rips
  • And more ground protection mats: We have more options for turf protection in Cincinnati for vehicle access, temporary pedestrian paths, and more

SEF Technology is your go-to source for turf protection rental in Cincinnati, Ohio. Call or contact us online for a free estimate.

Free Estimate for Cincinnati Turf Protection Rental & Installation

At SEF Technology, we can help with everything from aesthetics to logistics. Our helpful support staff and certified special event flooring rental installers make it easy to host a major outdoor event in Cincinnati with quickly installed, professional turf protection.

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