Turf Protection in Philadelphia, PA

Planning a concert or event at Lincoln Financial Field, or perhaps just at a public park in Philadelphia? Get a solid footing with grass or turf protection flooring. Special Event Flooring Technology has a variety of solutions in Philly for covering indoor or outdoor stadiums, grass fields, and other kinds of natural or synthetic turf that should be covered and protected during an event.

Turf protection mats or field covers allow you to host any kind of event, like a concert or trade show, on the grounds of any park or stadium in Philadelphia. This allows for a quick venue conversion before and after the event, without killing the grass or leaving damage.

We provide turf protection in Philadelphia for concerts, festivals, and other large events. Call us at 301-684-7018 or contact us here to request a free estimate!

Turf Protection for Events in Philadelphia

When you need to turn a park or athletic field into a concert venue, the most popular solution is to use high-density plastic mats. We carry the industry’s top-rated products for turf protection in Philadelphia, including Matrax, DuraDeck, and FastDeck.

SEF Technology rents and installs turf protection and portable flooring systems for Philadelphia events with specific options for:

Philadelphia Turf Protection Mats for Concerts, Graduations & More

From high school graduations to Philly’s summer concerts and festivals, we see a lot of exciting events happening outdoors in the City of Brotherly Love. At SEF Technology, it’s our job to make sure you have the turf protection and event flooring you need to enjoy a smooth, safe, and comfortable event.

We’ll discuss the details of your event—venue requirements, expected attendance, stage type, sound equipment, etc.—and come up with a customized ground protection solution.

Our turf protection mats and plastic field covers have you covered whether you need heavy-duty portable flooring for vehicle access or just something to prevent browned grass or stained synthetic turf.

Temporary Turf Protection Rental & Installation in Philly

If you want your big event to look and feel professional, partner with the experts at SEF Technology who have been helping produce premier events for years. We’ve worked the Olympics, the White House, the PGA, and events for New York Fashion Week, Art Basel, and more.

Our team helps with logistics, design, and a full-service installation of your Philadelphia turf protection and event flooring system.

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Turf protection is a win-win: no worries about damaging the venue and a solid foundation for an event that everyone can safely enjoy.

Request a free estimate online or call 301-684-7018 to discuss event flooring with turf protection in Philadelphia, PA.

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