Turf Protection in Richmond, VA

With a combination of major businesses, a college town feel, and scenic surroundings, Richmond is one of the best event locations in the country. When planning an outdoor event on turf or grass, such as a football field or public park, it’s important to set the stage with the right event rentals and equipment. Special Event Flooring Technology has you and your location covered with turf protection in Richmond, VA.

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Turf Protection in Richmond for Concerts, Conventions, Graduations, & More

Hosting a trade show at the Arthur Ashe Center? Planning a graduation ceremonyon the high school football field? Anytime you want to enjoy the space and seating options of a large park or athletic facility, it’s best to protect the turf with an appropriate ground cover.

SEF Technology has options ranging from simple plastic field covers to temporary wood flooring to heavy-duty vehicle access mats. Simply put, for whatever reason you need turf protection in Richmond, VA, we can help you find event flooring rentals that fit the bill.

Benefits of Our Turf Protection Systems for Richmond Events

The main reason that events use turf protection is to preserve the park or stadium grounds. Heavy equipment and crowds of people could potentially kill the grass or damage synthetic turf. For the guests of your Richmond event, turf protection also brings the benefit of having solid ground suitable for any kind of footwear and the comfort of avoiding a muddy field after rain.

Our turf protection solutions for Richmond, VA events can:

  • Cover up footballbaseball, or soccer for business or entertainment events
  • Turn a basketball arena into a convention center
  • Allow for equipment and furniture on soft ground
  • Protect grass from browning after a multi-day event
  • Make it easier to host a rain-or-shine event with less risk
  • Provide clean seating for outdoor concerts and festivals

Licensed Professional Installation of Turf Protection in Richmond

We serve the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond with professional-grade portable flooring rental and installation services. When you choose SEF Technology for turf protection in Richmond, your team gets a knowledgeable staff of event flooring experts. We help with design, logistics, and more.

Let us know what type of event you’re hosting, the venue type, and the amount of foot traffic and equipment that the ground cover needs to support. We’ll come up with a perfect turf protection system for your Richmond event along with any walkway, roadway, tent flooring, or other services you may need.

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