Turf Protection in Washington, DC

Parks and stadiums such as the National Mall and Georgetown’s Cooper Field make excellent venues for events of all kinds. Start things off right by covering the grounds! Special Event Flooring Technology has a wide range of options for turf protection in Washington, DC, including systems designed for natural grass or synthetic turf.

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Benefits of Turf Protection for Washington, DC Events

When college or pro football stadiums are used for concerts and corporate events in the DC area, the field gets covered with plastic flooring or interlocking mats. Even smaller events like a high school graduation or food festival should protect the grass or turf from potential harm.

Our solutions for turf protection in Washington, DC can save you a fortune by avoiding damage from foot traffic, staging, spilled drinks, dead grass, and other hazards.

Turf protection does several jobs at once to improve your Washington, DC event:

  • Protect the field from damage
  • Cover up the lines and logos of an athletic field
  • Provide guests with a comfortable, all-weather floor
  • Allow for tables and equipment to be set up safely on solid ground

Washington, DC Turf Protection for Outdoor Events

As a Maryland-based event flooring company, SEF Technology has worked with small and large corporations, government agencies, schools and universities, nonprofit groups, and other organizations who need turf protection for outdoor events in Washington, DC.

Some of our past projects include event flooring for the White House, Johns Hopkins, Jeep, and the PGA. Not only can we provide the best turf protection in Washington, DC, but we can complete the setting with event flooring, tent flooring, and more.

Our DC event flooring systems include:

Rental & Installation of Washington, DC Turf Protection

We provide a full-service solution for event flooring. When you rent turf protection in Washington, DC from SEF Technology, you’ll get consultants who can help with event design and logistics. For the installation, we provide a talented team of licensed, full-time event floor installers who can set up turf protection in a matter of hours.

Whether you need to cover a football field, build a concert stage with outdoor seating, or simply construct a temporary walkway or roadway, SEF Technology has the ground covers and event flooring you need for stylish, high-performance turf protection in Washington, DC.

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