Protective Event Flooring Rental for Basketball Arenas

Turning an arena into an all-purpose venue becomes an easy layup when you have the right basketball floor covering. Special Event Flooring Technology rents and installs basketball court covers with the appropriate overlay and event flooring to suit a concert, trade show, or any other special occasion.

The process can be as simple as a covering to hide the basketball court—or as complex as a full concert stage and seating area. Our basketball arena flooring will protect the venue and create a unique setting for your big event.


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Portable Flooring for Events at Basketball Arenas

Ever wonder how NBA arenas become concert venues overnight? It’s actually fairly simple. High schools, colleges, and local basketball arenas can be converted into event venues with temporary flooring.

SEF Technology handles the logistics and installation, so your organization can count on a fast transition and high-quality flooring. Using plastic mats, interlocking floorboards, and your choice of event flooring and staging, we can implement a complete basketball arena floor covering in a matter of hours!

Our Basketball Arena Flooring for Changeovers

Trade shows, wrestling matches, circuses, and rock concerts are just some of the events that can be held with the proper basketball arena flooring. SEF Technology has decades of experience in the business. We ensure you get the right court covering for the weight and activities that will be taking place.

Our basketball arena flooring rental can be customized for different sizes of event floors and stages:

  • Temporary gym floor covers
  • Portable modular flooring
  • Concert flooring
  • Graduation flooring
  • Driveable flooring
  • Disaster relief flooring
  • And more

Converting a basketball arena for an event often involves moving other equipment, furniture, and bleachers. Let us know your venue specs and requirements, and SEF Technology can adapt our basketball arena flooring for the event and coordinate a seamless conversion and installation.

Basketball Court Covers for Concerts, Trades Shows, & More

SEF Technology helps corporations, universities, festival organizers, and other entities get access to professional-quality event flooring. For basketball arenas, it’s important to get professional installation and the right flooring products.

Basketball arena flooring can be installed quickly, but must be done correctly—or else you can wind up with uneven sections or risk damage to the court. With SEF Technology, you can always expect the best portable flooring rentals and a team of experienced installers.

Get an Estimate for Basketball Arena Flooring

From design and product selection to scheduling and delivery, SEF Technology is your partner at every step for basketball arena flooring conversion.

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