Swisstrax Flooring Rental

Swisstrax has long been one of the most trusted brands of flooring for auto shows, garages, and exhibitions. Many people use Swisstrax to create colorful floor designs for auto auctions, product launches, and other special events. The rugged tiles have almost unlimited applications, and we recommend Swisstrax as a temporary flooring solution for events of all sizes and industries.


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Benefits of Swisstrax Modular Flooring

This product uses Swiss engineering and USA-made quality to create a strong and dependable flooring system that can hold cars, trucks, and tons of foot traffic.

If you need driveable flooring or a heavy-duty floor covering, here’s what you should know about Swisstrax flooring:

  • 1/2” or 3/4” thick interlocking square tiles
  • Up to 80,000 pounds of weight or 5,200 psi
  • Injection molded for strength and stability
  • Made in the USA
  • Trusted by major auto shows and auction houses
  • Many color choices available
  • Installs in just a few hours or less

Swisstrax Flooring for Auto Shows and Special Events

Conventions, Trade Shows, Product Launches, Exhibitions, and More

If you need temporary event flooring for an arena, convention center, stadium, or other indoor venue, Swisstrax may be the best flooring rental to choose. SEF Technology can help you create personalized flooring solutions using Swisstrax tiles. With different colors, textures, and weight ratings to choose from, Swisstrax can meet the needs of a variety of events.

We highly recommend Swisstrax for auto shows, auto auctions, and events that showcase large equipment or hardware.

In addition to being a preferred flooring for the auto industry, Swisstrax also makes a great backdrop for general merchandise and convention booths. You can use the tiles to create an individual staging area or product showcase, or cover an entire floor to protect carpet, hardwood, basketball flooring, or other materials.

Swisstrax Event Flooring Rental from SEF Technology

Planning a trade show or other special event takes a lot of teamwork, and SEF Technology has your back to ensure you get the Swisstrax flooring system you need, on time and installed professionally.

We carry a large inventory of Swisstrax flooring for rent in numerous styles and colors. Your personal customer service rep from SEF Technology will carefully select the right materials and quantities for your upcoming event. We stay in contact with your team throughout the entire process, ensuring a pleasant experience and seamless installation.

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