Matrax Flooring Rental

Convert virtually any location into a premier event venue with Matrax event flooring rentals from Special Event Flooring Technology. Matrax flooring is a recycled, high-density plastic matting system that is both lightweight and extremely strong. Trusted for everything from synthetic turf stadiums to ice rinks to natural grass fields, Matrax event flooring is a gold standard for temporary event flooring.


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About Matrax Event Flooring Systems

Matrax floor mats are born from the best in engineering and design. Easy to transport and install, your SEF Technology crew can get a custom flooring system ready for your event in a matter of hours. The Matrax flooring system can bear heavy loads and creates temporary event flooring and pathways for many types of event needs:

  • Tent flooring
  • Grass and turf protection
  • Stadium flooring
  • Arena flooring
  • Ice rink floor conversion
  • Temporary roadways
  • Raised outdoor flooring
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • ADA-compliant ramps

Matrax Event Flooring Rentals from Special Flooring Technology

We can create the perfect basis for your special event with Matrax event flooring. The strength and stability of the Matrax mat system make it easy to set up booths, dining tables, audio equipment, and everything else the event requires. With solid flooring and great turf protection — Matrax is safe for natural grass for up to 14 days — you can trust that you have temporary flooring that feels permanent and performs reliably.

At Special Event Flooring Technology, our inventory includes various colors of Matrax event flooring rentals. We also have accessories such as ramps, guard rails, and decorative features to complete the look. Whether you need a tent floor, a converted floor for an athletic field, or a complex system of pathways, roadways, and event flooring, we can make it happen with Matrax and our wide inventory of event rental products.

Certified Event Installation Services for Matrax Flooring And More

We deliver the best products and services thanks to our full-time team of talented event professionals. Your Matrax event flooring rental will be transported, installed, and taken down by the industry’s best crews.

Our customer service team will also be with you every step of the way to make sure your event flooring and related services are delivered on-time and to your exact specifications.

SEF Technology is committed to your satisfaction. We want to know exactly what you want and need to throw amazing events, and we love to help our clients enjoy a low-stress planning and installation process.

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