DuraDeck Flooring Rental

Anywhere you want to create a solid, sturdy surface for vehicles and equipment, DuraDeck may just be the perfect solution. DuraDeck works well for trade shows and conferences with plenty of people and display booths. It can also support trucks, forklifts, and even the staging and equipment for a major concert!

DuraDeck holds up to 80 tons of weight while protecting the grass underneath at the same time. Our customers often go with DuraDeck to protect high school football fields, professional sports stadiums, or simply the grass fields of a park or corporate campus.


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Why Choose DuraDeck Event Flooring?

Heavy-Duty Mats for Turf Protection

Fantastic engineering and simple installation make DuraDeck a leading choice for turf protection and temporary vehicle access. Some of the best reasons to choose DuraDeck event flooring include:

  • Heavyweight Strength: DuraDeck mats can withhold up to 80 tons of weight.
  • Easy Install: The mats transport easily. No tools required. Let the SEF Technology team install the flooring or your crew can potentially do it themselves.
  • Temporary Access for Vehicles: Setup crews and other vehicles that need access to the grass or turf can drive safely on DuraDeck.
  • Concert Staging and Other Equipment: When holding an event like a concert staged on a football field, you can count on DuraDeck to protect the turf and support the equipment.
  • Event Flooring for Turf Protection: Prevent damage to natural grass, synthetic turf, and soft muddy areas at your venue.

Simple, Custom Solutions with DuraDeck Flooring Rentals

DuraDeck event flooring is comprised of interlocking mats that are solid yet flexible enough to handle the heavy weight and torque associated with moving vehicles and equipment. The mats come in 4’ x 8’ and other convenient sizes, so setup is as simple as laying down the mats and connecting them.

Due to the weight of each DuraDeck mat, installation does require professional help. Let Special Event Flooring Technology take care of the delivery, installation, and removal of your event flooring — we’ll make sure the process is a breeze.

SEF Technology is ready to be your helpful partner throughout the event. We’ll deliver the DuraDeck flooring and any other event rentals you need, and get everything set up with the highest level of professionalism.

We offer rental products including DuraDeck mats and other event flooring options, as well as tents, staging, audio equipment, and much more!

Free Estimates for DuraDeck Event Flooring Rental

If you need to build a stage, create a roadway for event setup crews, or protect a turf during the event itself, talk to us at Special Flooring Technology about DuraDeck rentals and other event flooring options.

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