Drivable Flooring for Special Events

We can turn virtually any turf, sand, or dirt into a temporary roadway with drivable flooring rental solutions. Special Event Flooring Technology has a variety of heavy-duty mat systems that provide extreme durability and reliability. If your upcoming event needs driving access for cars, trucks, construction vehicles, and other heavy transportation, talk to us at SEF Technology about installing a driveable floor at your venue.

Our drivable flooring rentals can be customized for stadiums and arenas as well as any outdoor area with ground that is either unsafe for driving or needs protection from vehicle damage. Whether you’re hosting a festival in Miami or a convention in New York, drivable flooring is the best way to protect event-goers and the venue alike.

Our dedicated event team will help you select and design the right roadway or event floor for your needs, and we will perform installation and takedown to make sure everything is set up for dependable performance.


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Temporary drivable flooring can make event setup a breeze, allowing a sturdy platform for machinery, bucket trucks and more. For an estimate on drivable flooring for your next event, contact SEF Technology online today.

Drivable Flooring for Outdoor Events & Stadiums

Composite mat drivable flooring systems are high-density thermoplastic mats that install quickly with an interlocking surface. The result is a smooth but ruggedly tough temporary road or event floor that does not damage the turf or ground underneath.

We can help you build the perfect vehicle-ready flooring system:

  • Drivable for trucks, forklifts, machinery, and heavy equipment
  • Additional roadways for event setup and vendors
  • Customizable interlocking design
  • Sturdy ground on sand, dirt, grass, artificial turf, and more
  • PSI ratings to exceed your required weight loads
  • Installed quickly by SEF Technology professional crews
  • Turf and grass protection to prevent damage


Matrax, DuraDeck & More Quality Options for Drivable Flooring

SEF Technology uses industry-leading products to deliver drivable flooring solutions customized for your venue and event type. This includes trusted manufacturers such as Matrax and DuraDeck drivable flooring mats.

Matrax and DuraDeck composite mats are made from technology that is widely used in the construction industry. For special event flooring and other temporary roadways, these systems are more than capable of supporting trucks, forklifts, and other heavy vehicles.

Drivable Flooring Installation by SEF Technology

We can help you choose the right drivable flooring solution for your particular needs. Our team will consult with you about the venue, type of ground, load-bearing requirements, and more details to learn exactly what kind of drivable flooring system you need.

SEF Technology will also take care of the complete installation and takedown of the drivable floor or temporary roadway. Our team will work around your schedule and event planning needs to get in and out quickly while perfectly installing the drivable flooring for both reliable performance and turf protection.

Free Estimates for Drivable Flooring Rental

Discover the options for drivable flooring rentals everywhere from New York to Houston by speaking with our consultants at Special Event Flooring Technology today.

Contact us online or call 301-684-7018 to request a free estimate for drivable flooring solutions.

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