Turf Protection

Event Flooring & Ground Cover for Turf Surfaces

Hosting an event on turf, like the field of a football stadium? Protect your event space by covering up the turf or grass with portable floor rentals and turf protection solutions from Special Event Flooring Technology (SEF Technology). We offer stadium flooring and synthetic turf protection products so you can avoid damaging the property—and so your guests can enjoy a comfortable, flat ground at their feet.

Our turf protection systems are designed to withstand heavy weight, foot traffic, staging and audio equipment, and food and drink spills. SEF Technology has the inventory and talent to provide turf protection for any size event, including professional sports arenas and other large venues.

If you own or are renting an event space with either natural grass or synthetic turf, the smart move is renting turf protection. Call SEF Technology at 301-684-7018 or ask us for a free estimate now!

Turf Protection for Graduations, Concerts, Festivals & More

Whether you own the venue or are renting the space, turf protection can save you from costly damage while also providing a better flooring solution for the event. We strongly recommend turf protection whenever you plan an event where people, vehicles, equipment, and other kinds of things will be covering either grass or artificial turf.

The benefits of turf protection include:

  • Convert sports stadiums into general purpose event spaces
  • Protect synthetic turf and natural grass against damage from foot traffic, equipment being moved around, food stains, and other common issues.
  • Create flat ground for tables, chairs, scaffolding, staging, with the strength to handle heavy stuff like vehicles or concert stages.
  • Choose from many options according to the weight load, style, and any other preferences!

We offer a variety of turf protection solutions, including reliable Matrax turf protection systems and many of the industry’s leading technologies. This allows us to provide your surface with maximum turf protection while meeting your loading requirements, minimizing turf protection setup times and takedown, and simplifying the installation process. We offer grass and synthetic turf protection up and down the East Coast, from Boston to Fort Lauderdale, plus as far west as Texas.

Turf and grass are investments. Protect them with turf protection rentals from SEF Technology! Contact us today for a free estimate.

Protect Grass with Event Flooring Rentals

Whether you’re throwing a college graduation on the floor of the football field or hosting a community fundraiser on a natural grass lawn, turf protection provides a better flooring solution and saves you the costly risks of damaging the turf. This goes for both natural grass and synthetic turf.

  • Turf protection helps prevent brown spots or dead spots in the grass. Stadium flooring and other event flooring also protect against soil damage and other hazards. Of course, turf protection flooring also makes the field more walkable for guests in high heels and more functional in general.
  • Synthetic turf protection is also extremely important for events. It prevents stains, rips and tears, and other damage from people and equipment. In fact, turf protection for artificial grass is more important because you can’t just regrow the turf!
  • Natural grass protection, including mats, mesh covers, and other solutions help keep the look, feel, and functionality of your natural grass, no matter how large your event.

Free Estimates for Turf Protection Floor Rentals

SEF Technology has a variety of turf protection options, and our event specialists can recommend the best choices for your venue depending on the climate, time of year, and type of event. Avoid the costly mistake of damaging your turf or killing the grass and use turf protection for your next outdoor event!

Contact us for more info or call 301-684-7018, and we will be happy to provide a free estimate for turf protection, stadium flooring, and any other event services you need!

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