Temporary Flooring for Events

Flooring can actually serve multiple purposes for events. You need solid ground for tables, chairs, and for guests, so you want something stylish and functional. Beyond that, do you need a vehicle-ready driveway for trucks and vans to set up the event? Will the event flooring need to support a temporary concert stage or other heavy equipment?

Temporary flooring can check off all of these boxes on your want list:

  • Safety and comfort for guests
  • Upgrade the event’s decor
  • Grass protection
  • Dance floors
  • Tent flooring
  • Temporary driveways for event vehicles

Basics of How to Choose Temporary Event Flooring

If you have a ballpark answer for the bullet points below, you can go ahead and narrow down your event flooring options from thousands to just a select few. Your flooring rental representative will want to know about these requirements and preferences:

  • Location type
  • Size
  • Theme, style, color scheme
  • Event activities (dancing, seating, etc.)
  • Ground protection requirements
  • Installation time frame
  • Budget

What Kinds of Temporary Flooring for Events are Available?

You are probably already familiar with at least two types of event flooring — parquet dance floors and plastic ground covers. If you have attended an outdoor wedding, there was probably a wood dance floor. You also may have seen interlocking mat flooring or plastic ground covers if you’ve been to a large tent event like a job fair or corporate picnic.

The options have exploded and you can now find temporary flooring for events with more style options and even better performance and safety than in years past. At SEF Technology, we’re always adding to our inventory to keep up with the latest trends and materials.

A short list of event flooring options includes:

Plastic flooring (with many color and texture options)

Then you have event flooring designed to handle vehicles, staging, scaffolding, and other heavy loads. We carry top brands like Sur-Loc, DuraDeckBilJax, and Matrax flooring for events that need temporary roadways or other heavy-duty flooring solutions.

Who Installs Temporary Event Flooring?

Some event flooring products simply snap together, so virtually any team can put them together. However, some materials need to be assembled by certified installers due to weight and difficulty concerns.

At SEF Technology, we typically install event flooring for our customers and disassemble it after the event. When you’re on a tight schedule for launching and tearing down the event, it’s definitely good to get professional installation no matter what type of flooring it is.

Either way, it’s important to make sure your flooring is safe, secure, and ready to handle the pressure of foot traffic and equipment. Your event flooring company should be able to assure you that everything is 100% ready to go.

Get Temporary Flooring

Need help with temporary flooring for events? Drop us a line and we can provide free estimates and more info about the process.