When to Use Outdoor Temporary Event Flooring

While planning an outdoor event, you might be wondering whether temporary event flooring is necessary. Event floors can do a lot more than just provide solid ground for pedestrians, booths, and stages. The right outdoor event flooring makes the entire occasion more enjoyable for the guests and easier for your team to plan, manage, and clean up.

Your outdoor event probably needs multiple kinds of temporary flooring for different purposes, so here’s what you need to consider.

Temporary Flooring for Pedestrian Pathways

If your event has stations and schedules, such as a trade show, craft fair, or college welcome day, use temporary flooring to create walkways. Then you can color-code the paths, provide guests with an event map, and keep foot traffic flowing smoothly throughout the festivities.

This is especially important for outdoor events where you want solid pathways instead of dirty, sandy, or rocky ground or to provide some respite from insects in the grass.

Stadium Flooring

When football and baseball stadiums turn into concert venues for a night, the facility team should use stadium flooring to protect the playing field. Synthetic grass can get stained or ripped, and real grass needs a breathable layer of turf protection.

The same logic applies to events at:

  • Public parks
  • Large estates
  • Outdoor wedding venues
  • And more!

Wherever there are lots of people and event equipment that could potentially damage the grounds, you need to consider outdoor temporary event flooring. You’re probably placing a hefty security deposit on your venue, so use temporary event flooring to make the occasion more comfortable and stylish, and get that deposit back.

Temporary Flooring for Upscale Outdoor Events

You’re probably already planning on using tent flooring for a company celebration, fundraiser gala, or other dinner and awards type of event. Guests in dress shoes or high heels will appreciate using temporary flooring for a comfortable access route from the parking lot or building. There are so many temporary flooring options for your outdoor event, you can choose from:

  • Hardwood flooring
  • Acrylic flooring
  • Tent flooring
  • Modular plastic flooring
  • Pool truss covers
  • Grass and turf protection
  • Driveable temporary roadway flooring
  • And more

Outdoor Event Flooring for Branded Events

Making a rented venue feel authentically yours can be challenging. You’ve chosen an outdoor location so guests can enjoy the weather and spacious surroundings, but you need the right event design for marketing or branding purposes. A professionally designed event with pathways, field covers, and tent floors will look and feel like the high-profile production that you want to pull off.

We can help you think creatively and fuse together a layout that makes the outdoor venue uniquely yours for the duration of the event. For experiential marketing, industry trade shows, or corporate parties, we know how to create branded events starting with the right flooring.

Benefits of Outdoor Temporary Event Flooring

Concert stages and other large structures definitely need ground protection mats, but you should also make sure that you have event flooring systems in place for all kinds of setup equipment. Will vendors need to drive vans or trucks close to their booth? Driveable flooring can handle vehicles, hand trucks, equipment carts, and more, while protecting the ground beneath.

Sweeping and vacuuming clean up is also much more effective and quicker than trying to pick trash and debris out of grass. If you’ll be on a tight schedule to exit the venue, we can lay outdoor event flooring that’s easy to clean and our crew will be there on time to pick up the flooring!

Use Outdoor Temporary Event Flooring for Your Next Event

With a no-obligation estimate from SEF Technology, you can find out how temporary flooring can bring exceptional value and an improved venue. Contact us online or call 301-684-7018 to ask about outdoor event flooring for festivals, concerts, trade shows, and more.